The Bx Blueprint: Practical, Advanced Training for Paraprofessionals and ABA Professionals

Many times paraprofessionals and ABA professionals are thrown into situations and not given any guidance or support.  The Bx Blueprint is here to help you grow as a professional in the field and feel more confident in your skills.  The Bx Blueprint Training Program will provide you with a complete and invaluable resource that will empower you to deliver exceptional care and achieve remarkable results.
 This program contains all the content that we wish our therapists had. Whether you're new to the field or a seasoned therapist, this program provides 20 hours of video content to help improve your behavior skills!
As an instructor/therapist/teacher, you have a tough job.  No pressure, but it's up to you to make a difference in your student's trajectory.
  • You want to help your students learn 
  • You want to reduce problem behavior
  • You want simple, practical, easy-to-implement tips that will make your days less stressful
 The suggestions and tips we provide will help take your service delivery to a whole new level!
 What is included in this program?
Each module consists of multiple video trainings that you can take at your own pace. We've also included valuable downloads and materials that will allow you to implement the strategies discussed in the video training. Take your time and re-watch the video if needed!  Then, use the accompanying materials to start implementing these strategies to support the learning of your student and your BCBA's goals and programs.


$97.00 USD