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The Bx Resource is a growing body of knowledge, resources and materials that we have created, developed, and accumulated over 20 years of supervising ABA therapy.  And you can access to it all!

Save Time

You don't have to reinvent the wheel with each client!  We've been there and we're sharing our best tips that have worked for us over the years. While most of your clients need individualized intervention, you can still benefit from a template that gives you a good place to start!

Get Support

Supportive community for your toughest cases! Our community offers a private place for you to ask questions of other practitioners and share information on what's working and what's not working.  Members can also join our live monthly Q&A with Shira and Shayna and get your questions answered!

Learn Practical CEU's

Receive continuing education credits on relevant, practical topics. We present a live CEU once a month and recorded CEU's are also available each month (2-3).  Research is great, but so is application.  We're all about using the research to learn how to apply it in the most effective, safe, and ethical way.

Go From Overwhelmed to Confident

We all start somewhere.  Passing the exam is just the beginning of the real learning process. Our easy-to-use resources will save you time so you don't have to feel overwhelmed!  We are here to support you on your journey wherever you are in the process - from newly minted to behavior pro!

Membership gives you access to program downloads and so much more!

Included in your membership:

Foundations Course

We are on this journey with you!  Our Foundations Course is available to all members and covers foundational topics such as:

  • Mindset

  • Assessments and Program Planning

  • Data Collection

  • Behavior Management

  • Supervision

This is only the beginning of your journey!  The courses give you a place to start as you begin your journey through the programs that the resource has to offer.

Program Materials Store

Our favorite ABA program materials are only a click away! Ever wonder what other BCBA's are using?  Looking for new, creative ideas for toys or programming?  Look. no further!  We often update our list of favorite materials that no BCBA should be without!

Supportive Community

Post your questions in the community and receive feedback from other professionals!  Have something to contribute?  Respond to someone's post and share your ideas.  

Program Downloads

Downloadable and editable program descriptions including teaching procedure, teaching steps and graphs. Our unique programs allow for teaching steps and graphs to be all on one page!  Targets are defined and broken down for you so you can easily individualize for your client or use as is!

How-To Videos

Many of our programs have corresponding videos that show you step-by-step how to run the program.  Use the video model as a guide!

Don't take our word for it, hear what our members have to say!

 "I really do appreciate and love being a member of your website. You guys have such creative ideas and your resources have saved me on numerous occasions when I was not clear on how to proceed with a program. Thank you both for sharing your resources and for being available to any and all questions that we may have!"

"Wow! More than I could have hoped for! I knew you were both amazing, but you sell your selves short! You said not really individualized but I felt totally individualized and helped! Thank you so much! I feel more energized than I have felt in a while! I am going to be so busy for the next little bit researching all of your recommendations! And also getting the most from your website!"


“Shayna and Shira have been life savers for me! As a newly certified BCBA, I found the process of program writing and behaviour management quite daunting and overwhelming. Shira and Shayna are quick to answer any and all questions and always post helpful responses. I now feel as though I have a support system of professionals and am better equipped to help my clients.”

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We host 1 live CEU each month which is also saved and added to the recording library.  You'll be able to view any of the recordings in the on-demand library immediately upon joining! You'll have more than enough to get you through your recertification cycle. Bonus: The topics we cover are actually relevant!

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Access to Live CEU Webinars

Each month, we host a live members-only CEU webinar. The topics cover practical areas in ABA with real examples and implementation suggestions.  If you can't attend live, the webinar is recorded and saved for a month after the event so you can still get the CEU!

Access to Live and Recorded Q&A

Each month we host a live question and answer session with Shayna and Shira. Bring your questions live or post them in the community and they will get answered!  The recording of this is also saved in The Resource so you can watch it anytime.

Access to Previously Recorded CEU's

With the Pro membership, you'll receive access to ALL previously recorded CEU's!

With on-demand access, you can search for the topic you're struggling and find the webinar to help! With this many options, you could receive all the 32 CEU's you need!

CEU Video Training Topics

Pro Membership gives you immediate access to all CEU topics plus any future topics!

Assessments & Data Collection

Intake Assessment and Program Planning

All About Assessments

How to Approach ABA Program Writing


Requesting with AAC

Teaching Requesting

The Beginner Learner

ESDM and the Early Learner

Receptive and Expressive Labels

The Intermediate Learner and Programs

ABA Programs for the Advanced Learner

'Wh Questions' and Inferencing

Life Skills

Food Flexibility

Toilet Training Tips and Tricks

Tackling Sleep Issues

Pre-Academic Skills

School Readiness Skills

Teaching Reading

Direct Instruction

Bx Management

Treating Problem Behavior

Function-Based Behavior Intervention

Writing Effective Treatment Plans


Ethical Scenarios as a BCBA

Social Skills

Early and Intermediate Social Skills

Advanced Social Skills

Teaching Social Skills Parts 1-3

Emotional Regulation

Teaching Theory of Mind

Teaching Social Thinking


Getting Started with Supervision



ABA in the Classroom

10 Tips for Effective Collaboration

Setting Up an ABA-Based Classroom

Parent Coaching

Reaching Parents Effectively

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I want ABA programs AND CEU's

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  • Growing library of program descriptions
  • Printable data sheets
  • Helpful resources
  • Program resources
  • Q&A community forums
  • Weekly programming emails
  • Live monthly CEU webinars (members only)
  • Live monthly Q&A with Shira & Shayna
  • Access to recorded CEU webinars

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